As a team, we bring the best Aerial & Specialty Photography / Videography Products to the Midwest and Nation. We can handle large and involved jobs requiring aerial, ground, exterior, and interior photography / videography . Professional products, timely output, and no outsourcing guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on a timely schedule. The name "Above All Aerial & Specialty Photography, Ltd" is federally trademarked and may not be used by anyone unless granted permission.

James Grumme
Owner / Photographer / Pilot
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James is an Indiana University graduate with a B.S. in Informatics. Specializing in IT Management, he is a professional photographer / videographer and an Adobe Production Expert, capable of producing high end videos utilizing the newest technologhy in 3d visualization, animation, and camera tracking. James also manages mapping / georectification projects and develops the website. He enjoys flying and is a pilot with over 1500hrs in fixed wing and rotorcraft.

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James Grumme
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